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Tips and tricks.

Lasting spiciness.

A horseradish root will stay fresh for several weeks in a fridge if you put it on a cloth soaked in vinegar. SteirerKren left unopened in a jar will still taste as if just grated even after six months. Thanks to Feldbacher Fruit Partners’ unique process the spiciness is completely retained.

Don’t grate – shred!

For Styrian horseradish PGI to release its full aroma it must be shredded not grated. To do so you should hold the horseradish root perpendicular to the grating surface. Otherwise the root quickly becomes fibrous and frays. 

Perfectly presented.

SteirerKren can be presented in special style with the SteirerKren serving tongs and the SteirerKren serving bowl.

Horseradish as a drink or dessert.

Have you ever tried horseradish mixed into a shake with lettuce, cucumber and apple? Or as horseradish ice cream? The recipes for these and many more horseradish-based treats can be found in the Recipes section.

Growing your own horseradish.

It is not easy to grow your own Styrian horseradish PGI as the professionals do. The demanding horseradish cultivation methods only work if powerful machines, enough workers and healthy, loamy soil are available.

Long-lasting spiciness and storing at home.

Styrian horseradish PGI is distinguished by its perfect storability. Fresh roots last at least two weeks in a fridge’s vegetable drawer. Buried in damp sand or in the earth they will last until the next harvest and stay fresh. The ideal temperature for long-term storage is -1° to -2°C.