Strong demand

Facts and figures.

  • Styrian horseradish PGI is farmed over an area of 300 hectares. 80 farmers in south-eastern Styria produce 4,000 tons of the typically Styrian vegetable and make the region one of the largest agricultural regions in Europe. 
  • The PGI stands for “Protected Geographical Indication” – Styrian horseradish PGI is 100% produce of Styria. 
  • Around half of Styrian production of the crop is prepared by Feldbacher Fruit Partners (2,000 tons of horseradish). The products made from this include around 1 million jars and 380,000 tubs produced for the Austrian market. 
  • There is an increase in sales of approximately 100% in the period before and around Easter in comparison with the rest of the year. The sales increase for freshly grated horseradish is around 25% in the Easter period.
  • It has been possible to sustainably increase harvest quantities per hectare over recent years thanks to our in-house agricultural advisers. Our agricultural advisers support out horseradish farmers during the whole process from cultivation to harvest.
  • Consumption of freshly grated horseradish is growing fast and is the main engine of growth in the horseradish segment in Austria. In comparison with 2012 there was an increase of approximately 10% last year. This has made freshly grated horseradish in a jar the highest-selling horseradish product in Austria.
  • Around 20% of the total prepared horseradish volume goes abroad. One of the main export countries is Germany. Emerging markets are Russia, Hungary and Switzerland.
  • 50 staff work on preparation and marketing of our SteirerKren at our production site in Feldbach. ​​​​​​