The ingredients.

If Styrian horseradish PGI is not grated, it has virtually no scent. It is only once grated or shredded that the horseradish starts to exude its naturally spicy aroma. Many people react with tearful or irritated eyes to this natural scent.

Horseradish’s natural spiciness is a result of what are known as isothiocyanates – these volatile oils, also called essential oils, help to make it possible for our noses to sense the spiciness. But it is this special spiciness that has a disinfectant and antibacterial effect in the human body.

Because not every horseradish root is as spicy as its neighbour, it is necessary to find the perfect blend for SteirerKren, bringing nature into the jar.

Spiciness without added flavourings.

Thanks to a special manufacturing process, the SteirerKren (made with Styrian horseradish PGI raw ingredients) retains its natural spiciness even without added flavourings. Horseradish flavouring is sometimes used in ordinary horseradish products.


Styrian horseradish PGI (95%), rapeseed oil, acidifier: citric acid, salt, antioxidant: sodium metabisulphite.