The origin.

SteirerKren grows at the centre of the green heart of Austria: Styria. The Styrians are famed for their excellent hospitality. This is a place to enjoy life – completely relaxed within the diversity of nature. Every visit to Styria is something special.

The farming area of SteirerKren is at the heart of the Styrian volcanic landscape around the town of Feldbach, not far from Riegersburg Castle. A region in which people love and live culinary refinement. In addition to SteirerKren, Zotter chocolate and Alois Gölles premium schnapps and fine vinegars, famous beyond Austria’s borders, also originate from here. 

Our SteirerKren is a PGI product. Only select, best main roots are used to make SteirerKren. This makes SteirerKren a unique product with 100% premium raw ingredients from Styrian horseradish raw ingredients. The raw ingredients for our SteirerKren are entirely grown and prepared in Styria. An advantage that SteirerKren can claim as the only freshly grated horseradish in the refrigerated sections of Austrian supermarkets.