The preparation.

Freshness is the top priority at SteirerKren. That is why, once harvested, roots are transported directly from the field to the nearby cold store at the in-house production site in Feldbach and stored at just under 0°C. After selection by hand, a careful cleaning process with a special brush machine takes place in order to remove soil and dirt from the roots. Then they receive a final clean by hand in order to increase the quality of the product.

After this thorough cleaning procedure, the roots are subject to an innovative grating process and hygienic end-packaging before finally beginning the journey to the refrigerated section in retail – and from there to countless restaurant and household kitchens.

The highest standards of hygiene, the latest technologies and care in the production process make SteirerKren a Styrian delicacy.

Time to develop.

SteirerKren is stored for a further period after production. This allows the product to rest. This is the only way to allow the mustard oils that are characteristic of horseradish to develop to their full extent.

Special washing: for the sake of the root.

A special washing process, with a special brush that has been designed in-house, ensures clean roots and consistent whiteness.

Hand-picked raw horseradish ingredients.

Only at SteirerKren is each root hand-cleaned by our workers and checked down to the last detail. The double harvest in spring and in autumn means that part of the harvest stays in the ground through the winter, because the flavour of the horseradish is retained if stored cold in the ground. This natural cold storage saves energy and warehouse costs.