The original from the green heart of Austria’s Steiermark, or Styria, region. Unique. Fresh. Spicy.

SteirerKren is horseradish, always freshly grated, in a practical jar - genuine Styrian horseradish PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). It provides the ideal condiment for the daily menu and goes perfectly with fish, meat, soup, salad or a snack between meals. Since the middle ages, horseradish has been considered a “spicer upper” for body, spirit and soul. A portion of SteirerKren, freshly washed and grated, brings invigorating freshness and spice straight from the field to your table. 

Everything from the Steiermark.

100% of cultivation, preparation, quality control and packaging take place in the Steiermark. The majority of the raw materials are also obtained in the region. This creates local jobs and offers Styrian farmers an alternative for the future.